Productivity Solutions Grant

Our packages (CRM/website & CRM/Sales) are Pre-approved Digital Solutions under Infocomm Media Developmen

Package Features

Option of select odoo Enterprise or odoo Community edition

User/Customer Management Module
Leads Management
Dashboards and Reports / CRM Module / Customer Groups Delivery Module/ Invoice/Quotation Module Sales/Delivery Module
Dashboards and Reports
Sales Module
Smart Alert / Knowledge System/ Advance Dashboard/ Whatsapp send Sales/invoice/PO Peppol/InvoiceNOW (1st year included only)

Professional Service

4 to 11 days of service and tranning

i) System Setup & Configuration 
ii) Customisation work
Customizations (Forms, Reports, Workflows,Modify layout of UI and • PDF, create automation, add data fields.)
iii) User Acceptance Testing
iv) System Commissioning

Number of users

Package option for 5/10/15 (odoo enterprise)
or unlimited users odoo community

Easily design your own Odoo templates thanks to clean HTML structure and bootstrap CSS.

odoo Online Subscription

Users/Year 5 10 15 US$ 720 (5 Users)
US$ 2160 (15 Users)
Licensed Modules: 1 Year
CRM Sales  Invoicing  Purchase  Delivery (Inventory)
Hosting   50 GB / 1 worker / 2 stagings (USD 96.4  / Month)
Services (Man-days) 6 8 11  
Other add-ons 
e.g. Advanced Dashboards /Whatsapp Integration / InvoiceNOW (1st year included only)




Total S$ 11,437 S$ 14,037 S$ 17,437 None
After Grant Support of 70%*

 S$ 3,431.10
S$ 4,211.10
S$ 5,231.1
S$2052( 5users)
S$4052(10 Users)


With effect from 1st April 2022, PSG grant support will be up to 70%.

Except for Food Services and Retail sectors, PSG grant support will up to 80% from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 under the Food Services & Retail Business Revitalisation Package (please refer to applicable to these solution categories:

Food Services

  1. Digital/ Online Ordering and Payment
  2. Automated Reservation
  3. B2B Marketplace/E-Procurement System
  4. Queue Management
  5. E-Loyalty/ Customer Relationship Management
  6. General Food Services Equipment


  1. Enhanced Retail Management System
  2. Commercial Anti-Money Laundering (ML)/Countering the Financing of Terrorism (TF) Screening
  3. Retail Analytics
  4. E-Commerce - Online Shop (B2C)


  • Registered and operating in Singapore

  • Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore

  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding

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